Support, education and training for a better future for young people

The Aylesbury Youth Motor Project fully supports 'Every Child Matters' initiative and offers educational and vocational skills.

Our Aim is to provide

  • Training and practical skills
  • Educational support
  • Exciting and challenging opportunities
  • Safe driving and riding opportunities
  • The chance to become a safer, more responsible road user
  • An opportunity for young people to make a positive contribution
  • Enjoyment and achievement for economic wellbeing
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
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    Bucks Big Society Bank

    Who is AYMP for

    The main target group consists of all young people in the community, with emphasis on the less advantaged and those at risk. Ages range from 13-16 years. We are open to schools, youth clubs, colleges, statutory agencies and anyone else who may be interested! Increasing numbers are coming to us to gain vocational qualifications through Increased Flexibility Program. We are able to improve their confidence and lifestyle. Our courses directly help develop workforce skills and improve employ-ability.

    We are a self funded organization and rely on donations of any motorised vehicles. If you would like to help please get in contact: Tel: 01296 422 113 Email: aylesburymotorproject@hotmail.com

    We occasionally sell vehicles that have been donated, for any further information please get in contact